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Welcome to Beach Home Investments: Who we are...

About Us

We believe that financial freedom is created through investing. We are a company created by three real estate entrepreneurs with a desire to find the best beach home investments around the world to buy for ourselves, for our clients to buy, and for real estate agents to sell.

We understand the challenge of buying internationally. How do you find the property? How to you know the area? How can you know if the investment is good? That is where we come in!

We are based in Orlando, FL but have 30 years of international sales experience. Partners Diante Lawrence, Biagio Montaiuti, and Bobby Davidowitz are on a mission to answer the questions above. We will travel to destinations to give you the clarity you need to make a good decision. We will research the following criteria.

  • The Quality of the Location/area: The look, the feel, is it safe, the entertainment, the beaches, and how easy it it to travel there.

  • The Quality of the Investment: What is the return on your investment, how easy is it to manage, is there future equity potential, and what is the future of the area as far as increasing values.

  • Quality of the Developer/Product: Does the developer have a stellar track record, is the construction strong and high quality, are the projects beautiful and attractive, and does the developer use high quality material and finishes.

If a project does not meet our standard in these three categories we will not represent the project. Period.

That said, we are excited to say that we have found a project that meets our standard of excellence in all three categories.

We have chosen Punta Cana, Dominican Republic as one of the best Beach Home Investments opportunities right now.

Continue below to learn more!

WHY PUNTA CANA, Dominican Republic?

Quite simply, the projects we are presenting in Bavaro Beach, Punta Cana, DR meet all three criteria:

The Quality of the Location/area:

Everything building you will see in Bavaro Beach Punta Cana will look only 5-7 years old. We saw nothing run down. All new resorts, restaurants, venues, shopping, and of course new construction investments like the ones you'll see below. It looks new and feels good. The area is diverse with tourists and locals alike and it is safe. Everything is walkable and new walkable shopping and entertainment are coming.

In addition, and this is SUPER IMPORTANT, a NEW international airport is being built only 5 minutes from this location in the next 5 years. This will supercharge this area which means more rentals, higher rents, and increased equity. IN ADDITION a theme park is being built there too called, Katmandu! The time is now to purchase here.

The Quality of the Investment:


When evaluating the investment we're looking at two main things. One, potential increase in equity/value of the property over time, and rental returns.


In addition to the things mentioned in the Location section above which will contribute to increased value, all three projects presented below are PRE-CONSTRUCTION. This means that the earlier you buy the more the value of your property will increase as they sell out the projects. 

As far as renting a short term rental property you will want to look at the following. Are you buying a high quality, attractive, and unique product? In other words is this a place that people would want to rent! With the three projects you will see all of these criteria represented.


The construction, the exterior look, and the interior finishes are top of the line. In addition these projects give a renter so many reasons to rent. Either beach front or beach access. One project has a 2.3 acre lagoon pool! Access to golf, beach clubs, dining, entertainment and more.

There are some special tax advantages to buying as a foreign investors.  You get to avoid paying a 3% (of purchase price) transfer tax usually applied at closing. You also avoid paying a yearly property tax for the first 15 years of the investment. More explained in the Tax Advantage video.

One more really important thing is that all of these properties will be professionally managed for you by a 5 Star Hotel company. You don't have to do anything but collect your checks:) 6-7% NET returns projected based on 60% occupancy. Also make sure you watch all the videos to the left to get a full picture of the investment.

Quality of the Developer/Product:


We are working with the Number One trusted Developer in the Dominican Republic with an 18 year track record. The developer is Italian owned and they take pride in their Italian finishes including double granite, great kitchens for cooking, and large bathrooms. 


Below are the projects available to purchase as your next Beach Home Investment!

Why Punta Cana

3 New Pre-construction Properties 2022:
Completion Date Dec.2024 - ALL FULLY FURNISHED! 

Marina View.jpg


This is an upscale luxury project located in the most exclusive community in Punta Cana called Cap Cana. This is where you enjoy golf, polo, fishing, yachts, horse riding, and more! Located in the largest Marina in the Caribbean! 

Residential View (1).jpg


This beach front project is in Las Terrenas which is on the north side of the Dominican Republic. This project is on one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. The project is an amazing Eco-experience with lush jungle scenery and it was built around a natural spring!

Beach Club View.jpg


This project is truly resort style living just minutes from the beach in Punta Cana. You can literally swim everywhere because there is a pool that surrounds this entire project! This project features its own beach club, stores, restaurants, entertainment, and more. You don't have to leave this oasis if you don't want to but you are minutes from Bavarro Beach which features its own restaurants, shopping, and entertainment!

Available Projects
Summer Lunch

We don't sell properties we sell lifestyles

Oceana: "Chic Beach Lifestyle"

A truly unique project...

This project is a renters attraction! 700 meters from the beach featuring a 2.3 acre pool! There is also amazing dining and entertainment as part of this project. The look and feel is chic beach lifestyle.


Walk to the beach and entertainment...

This project is going to feature a private road directly to the beach. It is currently a 7 minute walk to the beach but this road will be private. Walking distance from a variety of restaurants bars and more. That said take a look at what the developer is building below!

So much to do here!...


Take a look at dots A-F in this picture. These are all new dining, shopping, spa, fitness, and entertainment experiences that will be built brand new right next to Oceana!


Ocean Bay: "Beachfront Luxury Lifestyle"


Luxury on the beach...


This is a very classy beachfront project. Want to walk out of your condominium directly to your own beach? This is for you!

Relaxing beachfront living but also walkable...


This is a luxury project with a relaxing lifestyle. But for those who want to enjoy nightlife, dining, and more, you are able to walk to all of those places! You will also have access to a new beach club which will feature a bar, restaurant, rooftop pool, and event space. 


Cana Cove: "Golf, Beach, Casino, Lifestyle"

This project has it all...


Cana Cove hits all of the lifestyles! Golf, Beach Club, and HardRock Hotel and Casino! 


Great investment returns at great prices..


This project is the most affordable of the three projects. Renters who love golf, beach, and HardRock will love to rent this unit! And of course you can enjoy it too!



This project has all the entertainment and activities you want within a controlled, guarded, resort community. Also note, ALL 3 projects have guard gates and are secure:)

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